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  • Structure agnostic - Open to risks on a 100%, shared, layered, or excess position typically on an admitted basis (with non-admitted capabilities)
  • Up to $500M policy limit for on-shore business and up to $300M policy limit for off-shore (Oil Rig) business
  • Minimum deductible vary by occupancy, typically $100,000
  • Minimum premium of $100,000

? Broad flexible risk appetite to underwrite energy occupancies where risk quality of an account supports deploying capital

????– risk engineering assessment and client commitment to loss control are key to our participation

? Targeted growth in Oil Rig, Mining, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) within Oil and Petrochemical segment


Preferred Risks

Non-Preferred Risks

Oil Rig

? Major global drilling contractors – onshore and offshore

? Exploration and production – owner/operator

Fracking companies and service contractors

Oil and Petrochemical

? Refining, Petrochemicals, LNG

? Midstream – pipelines and terminals

? Oil sands

? Cavern storage


? Basic/commodity chemicals

? Specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals

? Waste recycling/treatment

? Chemical warehousing

Power Generation

? Fossil-fuel power plants, hydroelectric

? Alternative energy

? Transmission and distribution lines

? Operational nuclear power plants


? Open pit hard/soft rock and processing

? Underground hard/soft rock

? High wall mining

? Dredge mining

Client Risk Solutions (CRS)

Industry specialist risk engineers come directly from the industries they service provide world-class loss prevention consulting; ability to provide our proprietary view of risk developed through our risk insights and analytics to support clients in helping reduce their total cost of risk




Committed to delivering world-class multinational expertise, solutions and service to clients in a globally consistent and seamless fashion through one of the largest global networks in the industry, spanning 215+ countries and jurisdictions


Underwriting Expertise


Underwriting prowess and industry expertise to craft the highly customized programs needed by sophisticated clients with complex operations