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  • Political Risk insures overseas assets against the perils of expropriation, political violence (including war and terrorism), currency inconvertibility and the wrongful calling of on-demand guarantees
  • Political Risk also insures against the risk of non-payment by foreign governments on cross-border loans or contracts
  • Up to $150M policy limit; non-cancellable multi-year policies (up to 15 years, avg. 3-5); worldwide coverage
  • Minimum premium: $25,000

All industries – the unifying similarity is substantial investment or other exposure in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, China or Mexico


Preferred Risks

Non-Preferred Risks


Well-established leaders in the industry with a wide footprint around the globe

Outsourced manufacturing or 3rd party suppliers


Experienced and internaionally savvy contractors

Domestic-only experience


Technology manufacturers

Clean room environments


Importers or exporters of physical good or commodities

Service contracts


Top tier internaitonal lenders

Low credit ratings and/or weak credit department

Market Leader

With an industry leading limit and underwriting expertise in the marketplace over three decades, AIG is often sought out to lead large programs




Dedicated underwriters serving all AIG’s North America regions




? Dedicated claims team with deep experience in widely varying claims

? Over $520M in global claims paid over our 30+ year history